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6 Activities For Family Time With Kids

Children need family quality time with their parents for just a few without any distractions. At times as parents, we draw a blank on what we can do with them to spend time. We run out of ideas or can not come up with things we can do. So here are 6 activities for family time with kids.

The 6 Activities

1. Matching Card Game

This is simple and fun. It doesn’t take much to do. Just buy a deck of cards that have animals, cars, dinosaurs, or any fun pictures. Shuffle the deck and lay them all out on the floor face down. Next just have them flip over two cards to see if they match, take turns. Its fun its easy and they can learn what the pictures are by you asking what is this a picture of.

2. Coloring

Most little ones love to color and draw. It is a great way to let creativity to come out. Give them coloring sheets or blank pages to just scribble and doodle all over. You can even go online, find a website for coloring pages and print them off for fee. My little one loves the dinosaur pages and Mario pages to color. Let them pick out what characters they want. Sit at the table, chat with them, and enjoy coloring. Here are two of those coloring page sites:

Or just type in your browser free coloring pages for kids.

3. Baking or Cooking

It is a great way to bond with your children and teach some life skills. Find some kid friendly recipes and make them. Chat with them as you both cook. Here is a website you can use to get ideas and get started.

4. Game Night

You can play simple games with them that don’t require any equipment. Like Museum Statues which is easy, simple, and funny. Michael (my 4 year old) loves this game, granted a lot of giggling is happening. Try it everyone will have a blast. Here is a website for more game ideas like Museum Statues.

5. Movie night

Pick a night and let them pick a movie for the family to watch. It is a great simple way for the family to spend time together. No phones, no distractions. Just focus on being with the family. Be in the moment with them. They will enjoy and remember that you took time to be with them.

6. Going Outside to Park or Walk

Fresh air and sun always brighten up the day. Easy I know and free. Great way to have family quality time, Ask your little ones what they see, like colors, plants, bugs, animals, anything really. It will let them appreciate nature and they won’t go stir crazy.


There are many more things that you can do with the kiddos and family. Just look things up or ask friends and family who have kids if they have any suggestions. Or make up your own crafts or activities. Just set time aside to be with them. No interruptions. They just want your undivided attention just for a few. Remember at such a young age the 5 love languages are quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Cuddle with them, chat with them, just be with them. Make memories and enjoy them. You can start with these 6 activities for family quality time with kids.

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