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10 Youtube Channels For Children

I am always worried if my son is watching videos that are teaching my child inappropriate things. So, over time I have learned what youtube channels are the best. As a result, here are the 10 best youtube channels for kids my son watches and I recommend.

10 Youtube Channels

These are just a few channels that I felt were safe for kids to watch. Hopefully, these will help keep your little ones entertained. When you click on the channel name it will send you to that youtube channel for kids.

5 Youtube Channels For Preschool and Younger

  1. Cocomelon-This channel is intended for toddlers to pre-k featuring traditional nursery rhymes and original songs. It has songs about being polite and taking care of yourself as well as about manners. My one year old niece loves this channel. So, check their channel as well as website out.
  2. Babybus– Again targeted towards younger kiddos. Many traditional nursery rhymes as well as songs that have been remixed. So again, check the channel out as well as the website to know more. A little baby panda is their mascot.
  3. Little Baby Bum– Just like the two channels before this is targeting toddlers to pre-k. Lots of nursery rhymes and cute cartoons just like the others. The videos are cute and funny. For more info check out their website.
  4. Mother Goose Club– Is for preschoolers and possibly older kids. Teaches manners, rhymes, and more. Mother Goose Club is what it sounds like. Cartoons and life action, as well. Hope the little ones enjoy this channel just like my four year old. Check out their website if you see what they are about.
  5. Learningblocks – This channel teaches about the letters and sounds of the alphabet. It also teaches about numbers. It is great for those who are learning to read. The videos are educational, cute, and funny.

5 Youtube Channels For Preschool and Kindergarten

  1. Badanamu– This channel was started in 2011 for children to have engaging animation that brought them joy and content. Full of funny, cute characters and catchy songs that children will enjoy. So, give this channel a try you will not regret it. Want to know more about there Adaptive Home Learning Solution.
  2. Ryan’s Toy Review – This channel features a little boy named Ryan and his family. They do review new toys but they also teach really awesome things. For example, how a tsunami is created or how a rainbow works. This channel is for more of the preschool and kindergarten age group.
  3. Storybots- These little cartoons are not just on youtube but Netflix as well. They teach many things from history to science. My son will always tell me what he has learned from the cartoon. It is geared more towards the older children but still awesome to watch.
  4. Om Nom Stories– These are just really cute cartoons that are funny. So far, just entertaining videos.
  5. Morphle– A really cute cartoon that teaches about being kind and helping others. It’s about a shape shifting red creature and a little girl who helps others.


So, hopefully these channels will help keep your child entertained and help with their learning process. Don’t be afraid to find others, their are many good channels out there. Enjoy.

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