Best Animated Movies Preschoolers and Toddlers Love

Getting your little one to sit down and watch a movie completely through is hard. But when the right movie comes on then they will sit through the whole thing. These are just a few of the best animated movies preschoolers and toddlers love that my son sat completely through.

10 Animated Movies

  1. Moana: First movie my son actually sat through. Its a musical basically. Fun and funny story all the way through. It is about a girl who defies all odds to save her home and make things right. Catchy songs and a wonderful voice cast, especially, if you love Dwayne Johnson who is Maui.
  2. Zootopia: This is a great animal movie. Its about a bunny who despite what society and stereotypes say accomplished her dreams. There is more to the story but it is cute as well as funny.
  3. Secret Life of Pets: This movie is about what pets do after their owners leave the house for work. Especially Max and Duke’s journey to get back home after some hilarious events. It is funny and a bit emotional in some areas, but worth the watch.
  4. Secret Life of Pets 2: Back with Max and Duke with a new adventure to the farm while the others have a task. It is also a good funny movie.
  5. Abominable: Have tissues ready. It is a loving, emotional, and funny journey for the characters in this movie. You probably guessed it, it is about a baby abominable snowman trying to get home. Great, great movie especially for family time.
  6. Sing: If your kids love music and animals then check this cute movie out as well. About a Koala bear trying to save his theater by throwing a talent show. Great music as well as a great voice cast. Enjoy!
  7. Big Hero 6: This movie is great for those who like super heroes. This is an emotional story of a boy who after loosing is brother is trying to stop a bad guy, obviously. It is also about friends coming together to help this boy.
  8. Toy Story 1-4: Yeah! I know this is not one movie but all four of them. Something about toys coming alive just seem to get a child’s imagination. They love these movies and back then so did we. Toy Story 3 gets a bit dark but still great movies.
  9. Monsters Inc.: For some reason there is also a child’s fascination to monsters. Thankfully this monster movie isn’t really scary, but funny. It is about two bestfriends who try to help a human girl get back to her room in the human world.
  10. Home: This movie is about a little girl and her cat trying to find her mom after her world was invaded by aliens. On this journey she makes friends with an alien name Oh! who helps her. Emotionally and funny movie, you have been warned.

Family Time

Not all of these movies may a child like nor will you. These are just suggestions of movies that my son has sat through and loved. I hope that these 10 Animated Movies For Kids make some awesome family movie night suggestions. Enjoy with popcorn and snacks.

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