10 Awesome Self Care Products For Kindergarteners

Now that I have written 10 Products For Self Care and Relaxation for the mommies it is time for the kids. Being picky is easy when you want the best for your child, which I am. I tried many products some I liked and some not so much. So, I decided to give you gorgeous ladies a list of 10 Awesome Self Care Products For Kindergarteners. But, you can use them for kids of all ages. Without further adieu, here is the 10 self care products that I recommend trying.

Body Washes and Bubble Bath

  1. Kids Gentle Epsom Bath Sleep Soak with Melatonin: Is an Epsom Salt bath soak by Dr. Teals for kids that is hypoallergenic. With the melatonin it helps kids relax, calm down, and promotes better sleep. It smells wonderful.
  2. Kids 3-in-1 Sleep Bath with Melatonin: Another product by Dr. Teals. This product makes awesome bubbles that smell amazing. It is also a body wash and shampoo. I use this product all the time on my 4 year old. It is hypoallergenic and it calms the kiddos down quit nicely. It has natural essential oils in it and help regulate kids sleep. This is easily one of my favorites of the 10 Self Care Products For Kindergarteners.
  3. Oil My Goodness by Oilogic Kids Body Wash 3-in-1: This is product is absolutely wonderful. It is a bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash. It is made with pure essential oils. The scents are amazing and different blends for different reasons. It is a vapor bath. Check out their website for more info on this product.
  4. Everlasting Bubble Bath Pockets: These are little dissolvable pockets of pre-portioned bubble bath. It is easy to use and no mess. Sulfate free as well. My son loves to hold it under water himself.

Lotions and Creams For Self Care

  1. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Lotion: This product is a life safer for anyone who has a baby or child who has Eczema. It soothes the itches that come from Eczema and helps clear up the patches as well. I extremely recommend this product for all mommies to use on kiddos. It not only helps with the childs Eczema but also leaves their skin soft and moisturized.
  2. Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream: This product is also by Aveeno. Again it is a great cream/lotion that helps keep your childs skin moisturized and soft. Is fragrant free, paraben free, steroid fee, and hypoallergenic. But, the bad new is Aveeno is going to or has discontinued this product so if you see it buy it soon. But, Aveeno has still has some great lotions for babies so do not fret.

Hair Care

  1. Cantu Care For Kids: So these products are for children with textured hair. This product does wonder on my sons hair. It helps keep his hair moisturized, soft, curly, and the scent is amazing. It reminds me of a tropical day.
  2. Johnson’s Curl Defining Products: I understand that this isn’t listening just one product but a line of products. Johnson’s Curl Defining Products are a wonderful self care product for kindergarteners. It was created for children with curly hair. This product, just like the one above, leaves hair soft, moisturized, and defines the curls just nicely. The conditioner is my favorite of these products.

Other Self Care Products

  1. Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color Tablets: This product is exactly as it says it is. They are tablets that fizz in the tub changing the water to beautiful colors. There are 6 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange. They can be mixed or matched.
  2. Kids Spinbrush: These toothbrushes are a fun way to get your kid to brush their teeth. If your child is anything like mine they want a toothbrush just like yours. Well we have spinbrushes, so I went and got him a Paw Patrol Spinbrush just for him. It is a great self care product for kindergarteners or younger. Any electric toothbrush will do just fine when you find the right one for your child.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these products help you with bath time. There are many wonderful products out there for kiddos, it’s just about finding the right ones that you trust. Again these are just 10 Awesome Self Care Products For Kindergarteners that I tried and trust.

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