10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener

There are days where you child can’t go outside to play because of weather conditions. So, now it is time to figure out how to keep your little one entertained and active. Here are 10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener to give you some ideas.

6 Wiggle Outers Indoor Games

  1. Hide and Seek: This game is a classic. We all have fond memories of playing Hide and Seek with friends or family. Granted, it depends on the size of the house and if there are enough places to hide to be able to play. But, this game is fun and creative. Finding a place to hide is the creative part to this game.
  2. Museum Statues: This game is great. You need 3 or more people to play this game. You have one guard and the rest of the players are statues. The guard will be in another room counting to 10 while the statues (other players) pose. Then the guard will come in to check the statues. If the guard catches a statue moving then that player is the guard. You can move but freeze quickly before getting caught. This is one of our 10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener.
  3. Volleyball: No, I do not mean where you hit a ball over a net. This game involves a balloon. Blow up a balloon and then hit it up in the air. Keep hitting the balloon so it doesn’t touch the ground. Here are some more balloon games.
  4. Dance Freeze: This game gets the wiggles out of your kiddos. You just play music and dance. When the music stops you freeze. If you move when the music stops your out. Basically, like Museum Statues but with music. Here is the song that goes with the dance: Freeze Dance For Kids by The Kiboomers.
  5. Crab Race Game: This is a race where you get on all fours (with your tummy facing up) scooting with hands and feet across the floor. Try to be the first to get to the other side of the room.
  6. Hide and Clap: This game is a version of hide and seek. You have two or more players. The more the better. One player is blindfolded then the others move around quietly and clap. The blindfolded player has to find the players based on the claps. Whoever he touches first is the next to be blindfolded.

4 Sit and Chill Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener

  1. Checkers: This is a board game. It is easy to teach and easy to learn. Just need two players and the point is to get all the other opponents pieces. Simple.
  2. Rock Paper Scissors: Not much to say on this game. Its a two or more player games. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper. If two players have the same thing that beats another player then its between the two to see who won that round. Also, if every player has one of each (i.e. one player has rock, one player has scissors, and one player has paper) then that round is a draw.
  3. Matching Game: I’ve mentioned this game before. Get a deck of cards that has animals or items on them. Lay them face down on the floor or table. Then each player takes a turn to flip over two cards to see if the match. If they don’t then its the next players turn. If they do match then then the player gets to try again till they don’t get a match. Whoever has the most matches win.
  4. I Spy: This is a simple and calm game. You just sit on the floor with your kiddo and say I spy something pink. Then the other player or players have to guess what you spy.

Ending Thoughts For 10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergarteners

There are so many good indoor activities to play with your kiddos. Hopefully this is a good start and you enjoy the time you play with your kiddo.

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