15 Essentials Parents Should Keep In The Car

You never know what circumstances you may run into when your out and about. Whether it is doing errands to a road trip anything can happen. Sometimes it will catch us off guard when random unexpected things happen. So here a is a list of 15 Essentials Parents Should Keep In The Car.

  1. Throw Blankets: Great to have in case kids or you get cold on a trip. Also, just in case you need it the blanket to lay on the ground for a picnic, changing a baby’s diaper, or for kids to play on. Honestly this is a car essential for winter mostly.
  2. Change of Clothes: Again accidents happen. Have a pair or two for each person.
  3. Roll of Paper Towels: Comes in handy when you need to clean up a mess or to wipe hands.
  4. Roll of Toilet Paper: May stop some where for a rest break that may not have toilet paper. Or for those who stop on the side of the road for a pop n squat because there is no rest stop for miles.
  5. Trash bags: Any size works for throwing away trash. Trust me….they are essential to have on hand even if it is just to clean out the vehicle, put dirty clothes in, etc.
  6. Baby Wipes: Not just for wiping cute little messy heinies. They are great for cleaning up sticky messes.
  7. Diapers/Pull Ups: You never know…maybe you forgot the diaper bag or you run out.
  8. Baby Food
  9. Snacks: Things that can last a bit. Beef jerky, Cheez Its, Goldfish crackers, or fruit snacks to name a few.
  10. Bottled Water
  11. Car First Aid Kit: Having this car essential is extremely important.
  12. Travel Activities/Games: To keep children occupied no matter where you go or how long the drive is.
    • Lego Set
    • Magnetic Games: The ones I like are by a company called The Purple Cow. You can order them off of Amazon.
    • Activity Binders: Binders that consist of fun hidden picture pages, color pages, and road trip games. Look up on Pinterest for printable pages for busy binder as well.
  13. Car Emergency Kit: This is a kit that has basic jumper cable, a few little tools, poncho, etc. for when you have car trouble. This is a major Car Essential to have.
  14. Convenience Kits/Personnel Care Kit: A kit that has bathroom essentials in case you have to stay some where.
  15. Portable Backup Charge: Don’t just have your regular charger and cable just in case you can’t charge your phone the regular way have a portable backup charger.

15 Essentials Parents Should Keep In The Car can be stored in a plastic bin or a big bag in the trunk for when needed. Don’t forget to switch clothes, blankets, and snacks out every once in a while.

Hopefully this article helped. Please check out my other articles here.

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