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15 Parenting Articles Parents Should Read

As we all know, there is no book that can tell you how to be a good parent. There are articles, books, and more that give advice on how to parent. But, there is no right way to parenting outside of not being abusive emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. Though at times we need some other perspective on issues that we deal with on a daily basis with our kiddos. So without further delay here are 15 parenting articles parents should read.

15 Parenting Articles

  1. How to Get Your Kid to Stop Whining
  2. There Are Some Good Parenting Hacks on TikTok, Actually
  3. Your Wound-Up Kid Needs a Popsicle in the Shower
  4. How to Help Your Child Develop Self Regulation Skills
  5. 4 Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids
  6. 6 Ways to Discipline Kids Without Yelling
  7. How to Get Kids to (REALLY) Listen: 7 Steps for Success
  8. Help Yourself! 8 Tips for Teaching Kids to Be More Independent
  9. What Is Respect – 6 Highly Effective Ways To Teach Kids Respect
  10. 15 Ways You Can Show Your Kids You Love Them – Everyday
  11. 11 Simple Ways To Show Your Child Your Love
  12. 10 Tips to Get Kids To Excercise
  13. Temper Tantrums (for Parents)
  14. The Tantrum Taming Tip Most Parents Don’t Know
  15. What Can You Do If Your Child Refuses To Eat Anything?

You can also find articles about child behavior and more on Google Scholar just click this link.

Other Resources

Resources For Child Behavior Problems

Hopefully these articles will shine some light on issues you may be dealing with at the time. You can always Google questions you have concerning your child to find articles to read to help you understand you kids behavior. Also don’t forget that you can ask other parents or professionals for help. Talk to the daycare director or school about resources. If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful please check out my other articles.

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10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener

There are days where you child can’t go outside to play because of weather conditions. So, now it is time to figure out how to keep your little one entertained and active. Here are 10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener to give you some ideas.

6 Wiggle Outers Indoor Games

  1. Hide and Seek: This game is a classic. We all have fond memories of playing Hide and Seek with friends or family. Granted, it depends on the size of the house and if there are enough places to hide to be able to play. But, this game is fun and creative. Finding a place to hide is the creative part to this game.
  2. Museum Statues: This game is great. You need 3 or more people to play this game. You have one guard and the rest of the players are statues. The guard will be in another room counting to 10 while the statues (other players) pose. Then the guard will come in to check the statues. If the guard catches a statue moving then that player is the guard. You can move but freeze quickly before getting caught. This is one of our 10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener.
  3. Volleyball: No, I do not mean where you hit a ball over a net. This game involves a balloon. Blow up a balloon and then hit it up in the air. Keep hitting the balloon so it doesn’t touch the ground. Here are some more balloon games.
  4. Dance Freeze: This game gets the wiggles out of your kiddos. You just play music and dance. When the music stops you freeze. If you move when the music stops your out. Basically, like Museum Statues but with music. Here is the song that goes with the dance: Freeze Dance For Kids by The Kiboomers.
  5. Crab Race Game: This is a race where you get on all fours (with your tummy facing up) scooting with hands and feet across the floor. Try to be the first to get to the other side of the room.
  6. Hide and Clap: This game is a version of hide and seek. You have two or more players. The more the better. One player is blindfolded then the others move around quietly and clap. The blindfolded player has to find the players based on the claps. Whoever he touches first is the next to be blindfolded.

4 Sit and Chill Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergartener

  1. Checkers: This is a board game. It is easy to teach and easy to learn. Just need two players and the point is to get all the other opponents pieces. Simple.
  2. Rock Paper Scissors: Not much to say on this game. Its a two or more player games. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper. If two players have the same thing that beats another player then its between the two to see who won that round. Also, if every player has one of each (i.e. one player has rock, one player has scissors, and one player has paper) then that round is a draw.
  3. Matching Game: I’ve mentioned this game before. Get a deck of cards that has animals or items on them. Lay them face down on the floor or table. Then each player takes a turn to flip over two cards to see if the match. If they don’t then its the next players turn. If they do match then then the player gets to try again till they don’t get a match. Whoever has the most matches win.
  4. I Spy: This is a simple and calm game. You just sit on the floor with your kiddo and say I spy something pink. Then the other player or players have to guess what you spy.

Ending Thoughts For 10 Indoor Games To Play With Your Kindergarteners

There are so many good indoor activities to play with your kiddos. Hopefully this is a good start and you enjoy the time you play with your kiddo.

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10 Netflix Shows For Kindergarteners

Every parent wants to know that what their child is watching is safe. So, here is a list of 10 Netflix Shows For Kindergarteners, or any age honestly.

4 Educational Netflix Shows

  1. Storybots: This show is educational and fun. It is about five robots that journey into the human world to help answer questions that kids have about science and so much more. This show aims for kids 3 – 8. It also has guess appearances from famous people and stars. Would like more info on the Storybots just click the link.
  2. The Magic School Bus/The Magic School Bus Rides Again: These two shows I put as one. They are a blast from the past for some of us mom’s and dad’s. This show is about Miss Frizzle and how she takes her class on amazing adventures on a magic school bus to answer questions about science. They go to different places, time periods, and so much more.
  3. Octonauts: This show is so fun and the theme song is catchy. This show teaches about animal life, mostly sea life. Its about a crew of different animals who life in a octopus ship and helps marine life that is in trouble. This cartoon is based of children’s books by Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy. This cartoon happens to be my favorite of the 10 Netflix Shows for Kindergarteners.
  4. Veggietales: Now this cartoon is funny and educational. It is about Bob the tomato and Larry the Cucumber answering kids letters about issues. Now fair warning, this is a Christian show. So if that isn’t your thing that is cool. Just wanted to let mom’s out their know about it. There are a couple of spin offs as well like, Veggietales in the House and Veggietales in the City.

6 Fun Netflix Shows For Kindergarteners

  1. Super Monsters: This show is fun as well as educational in a way. It is about a group of monsters that are human during the day and monster at night. They are going to a school for monsters. The learn many things especially on how to deal with their feelings, powers, manners, and how to treat each other. It is my second favorite 10 Netflix Shows For Kindergarteners.
  2. True: This cartoon has many different shows and specials on Netflix, about 9 actually. This is my third favorite, here is why. This show teaches about problem solving and calming yourself with a big deep breath before figuring out a solution. The girls name is True and she has a cat friend named Bartleby who helps solve problems to help others. Here is more info.
  3. Miraculous: This show is great. It is about a teenage girl named Marinette and teenage boy named Adrien who are living a double life of a regular teen as well as super heroes. They do their best to save and protect Paris from a bad guy who transforms people into supervillains.
  4. Scooby Doo: Had to add a classic. It is a cute show about teens and a dog solving mystery’s about ghost, ghouls, and monsters. Funny, mysterious, and a little scary.
  5. Gabby’s Dollhouse: Not sure how to describe this, so I will let Netflix description explain. Cute cats, quirky crafts and colorful magic! Join kitty enthusiast Gabby and her sidekick Pandy Paws as they team up for a series of animated adventures.
  6. Abby Hatcher: Okay again this is a cute show, but I’m going to let Wikipedia explain. The series follows an intelligent and energetic seven-year-old girl named Abby Hatcher, and her new friends, the Fuzzlies. The Fuzzlies are quirky creatures that live in her family’s hotel. Together with her best Fuzzly friend Bozzly, Abby goes on wild adventures to fix Fuzzly mishaps and help them in any way she can.

End Note:

This are 10 Netflix Shows For Kindergarteners, not all of them your kids will like. There are also so many more awesome shows on Netflix to watch. Hopefully this will help you get started on entertaining your little ones. Also, for Gabby’s Dollhouse and Abby Hatcher that info about them are from Wikipedia and Netflix itself.

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10 Awesome Self Care Products For Kindergarteners

Now that I have written 10 Products For Self Care and Relaxation for the mommies it is time for the kids. Being picky is easy when you want the best for your child, which I am. I tried many products some I liked and some not so much. So, I decided to give you gorgeous ladies a list of 10 Awesome Self Care Products For Kindergarteners. But, you can use them for kids of all ages. Without further adieu, here is the 10 self care products that I recommend trying.

Body Washes and Bubble Bath

  1. Kids Gentle Epsom Bath Sleep Soak with Melatonin: Is an Epsom Salt bath soak by Dr. Teals for kids that is hypoallergenic. With the melatonin it helps kids relax, calm down, and promotes better sleep. It smells wonderful.
  2. Kids 3-in-1 Sleep Bath with Melatonin: Another product by Dr. Teals. This product makes awesome bubbles that smell amazing. It is also a body wash and shampoo. I use this product all the time on my 4 year old. It is hypoallergenic and it calms the kiddos down quit nicely. It has natural essential oils in it and help regulate kids sleep. This is easily one of my favorites of the 10 Self Care Products For Kindergarteners.
  3. Oil My Goodness by Oilogic Kids Body Wash 3-in-1: This is product is absolutely wonderful. It is a bubble bath, shampoo, and body wash. It is made with pure essential oils. The scents are amazing and different blends for different reasons. It is a vapor bath. Check out their website for more info on this product.
  4. Everlasting Bubble Bath Pockets: These are little dissolvable pockets of pre-portioned bubble bath. It is easy to use and no mess. Sulfate free as well. My son loves to hold it under water himself.

Lotions and Creams For Self Care

  1. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Lotion: This product is a life safer for anyone who has a baby or child who has Eczema. It soothes the itches that come from Eczema and helps clear up the patches as well. I extremely recommend this product for all mommies to use on kiddos. It not only helps with the childs Eczema but also leaves their skin soft and moisturized.
  2. Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream: This product is also by Aveeno. Again it is a great cream/lotion that helps keep your childs skin moisturized and soft. Is fragrant free, paraben free, steroid fee, and hypoallergenic. But, the bad new is Aveeno is going to or has discontinued this product so if you see it buy it soon. But, Aveeno has still has some great lotions for babies so do not fret.

Hair Care

  1. Cantu Care For Kids: So these products are for children with textured hair. This product does wonder on my sons hair. It helps keep his hair moisturized, soft, curly, and the scent is amazing. It reminds me of a tropical day.
  2. Johnson’s Curl Defining Products: I understand that this isn’t listening just one product but a line of products. Johnson’s Curl Defining Products are a wonderful self care product for kindergarteners. It was created for children with curly hair. This product, just like the one above, leaves hair soft, moisturized, and defines the curls just nicely. The conditioner is my favorite of these products.

Other Self Care Products

  1. Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color Tablets: This product is exactly as it says it is. They are tablets that fizz in the tub changing the water to beautiful colors. There are 6 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange. They can be mixed or matched.
  2. Kids Spinbrush: These toothbrushes are a fun way to get your kid to brush their teeth. If your child is anything like mine they want a toothbrush just like yours. Well we have spinbrushes, so I went and got him a Paw Patrol Spinbrush just for him. It is a great self care product for kindergarteners or younger. Any electric toothbrush will do just fine when you find the right one for your child.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these products help you with bath time. There are many wonderful products out there for kiddos, it’s just about finding the right ones that you trust. Again these are just 10 Awesome Self Care Products For Kindergarteners that I tried and trust.

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Best Animated Movies Preschoolers and Toddlers Love

Getting your little one to sit down and watch a movie completely through is hard. But when the right movie comes on then they will sit through the whole thing. These are just a few of the best animated movies preschoolers and toddlers love that my son sat completely through.

10 Animated Movies

  1. Moana: First movie my son actually sat through. Its a musical basically. Fun and funny story all the way through. It is about a girl who defies all odds to save her home and make things right. Catchy songs and a wonderful voice cast, especially, if you love Dwayne Johnson who is Maui.
  2. Zootopia: This is a great animal movie. Its about a bunny who despite what society and stereotypes say accomplished her dreams. There is more to the story but it is cute as well as funny.
  3. Secret Life of Pets: This movie is about what pets do after their owners leave the house for work. Especially Max and Duke’s journey to get back home after some hilarious events. It is funny and a bit emotional in some areas, but worth the watch.
  4. Secret Life of Pets 2: Back with Max and Duke with a new adventure to the farm while the others have a task. It is also a good funny movie.
  5. Abominable: Have tissues ready. It is a loving, emotional, and funny journey for the characters in this movie. You probably guessed it, it is about a baby abominable snowman trying to get home. Great, great movie especially for family time.
  6. Sing: If your kids love music and animals then check this cute movie out as well. About a Koala bear trying to save his theater by throwing a talent show. Great music as well as a great voice cast. Enjoy!
  7. Big Hero 6: This movie is great for those who like super heroes. This is an emotional story of a boy who after loosing is brother is trying to stop a bad guy, obviously. It is also about friends coming together to help this boy.
  8. Toy Story 1-4: Yeah! I know this is not one movie but all four of them. Something about toys coming alive just seem to get a child’s imagination. They love these movies and back then so did we. Toy Story 3 gets a bit dark but still great movies.
  9. Monsters Inc.: For some reason there is also a child’s fascination to monsters. Thankfully this monster movie isn’t really scary, but funny. It is about two bestfriends who try to help a human girl get back to her room in the human world.
  10. Home: This movie is about a little girl and her cat trying to find her mom after her world was invaded by aliens. On this journey she makes friends with an alien name Oh! who helps her. Emotionally and funny movie, you have been warned.

Family Time

Not all of these movies may a child like nor will you. These are just suggestions of movies that my son has sat through and loved. I hope that these 10 Animated Movies For Kids make some awesome family movie night suggestions. Enjoy with popcorn and snacks.

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10 Youtube Channels For Children

I am always worried if my son is watching videos that are teaching my child inappropriate things. So, over time I have learned what youtube channels are the best. As a result, here are the 10 best youtube channels for kids my son watches and I recommend.

10 Youtube Channels

These are just a few channels that I felt were safe for kids to watch. Hopefully, these will help keep your little ones entertained. When you click on the channel name it will send you to that youtube channel for kids.

5 Youtube Channels For Preschool and Younger

  1. Cocomelon-This channel is intended for toddlers to pre-k featuring traditional nursery rhymes and original songs. It has songs about being polite and taking care of yourself as well as about manners. My one year old niece loves this channel. So, check their channel as well as website out.
  2. Babybus– Again targeted towards younger kiddos. Many traditional nursery rhymes as well as songs that have been remixed. So again, check the channel out as well as the website to know more. A little baby panda is their mascot.
  3. Little Baby Bum– Just like the two channels before this is targeting toddlers to pre-k. Lots of nursery rhymes and cute cartoons just like the others. The videos are cute and funny. For more info check out their website.
  4. Mother Goose Club– Is for preschoolers and possibly older kids. Teaches manners, rhymes, and more. Mother Goose Club is what it sounds like. Cartoons and life action, as well. Hope the little ones enjoy this channel just like my four year old. Check out their website if you see what they are about.
  5. Learningblocks – This channel teaches about the letters and sounds of the alphabet. It also teaches about numbers. It is great for those who are learning to read. The videos are educational, cute, and funny.

5 Youtube Channels For Preschool and Kindergarten

  1. Badanamu– This channel was started in 2011 for children to have engaging animation that brought them joy and content. Full of funny, cute characters and catchy songs that children will enjoy. So, give this channel a try you will not regret it. Want to know more about there Adaptive Home Learning Solution.
  2. Ryan’s Toy Review – This channel features a little boy named Ryan and his family. They do review new toys but they also teach really awesome things. For example, how a tsunami is created or how a rainbow works. This channel is for more of the preschool and kindergarten age group.
  3. Storybots- These little cartoons are not just on youtube but Netflix as well. They teach many things from history to science. My son will always tell me what he has learned from the cartoon. It is geared more towards the older children but still awesome to watch.
  4. Om Nom Stories– These are just really cute cartoons that are funny. So far, just entertaining videos.
  5. Morphle– A really cute cartoon that teaches about being kind and helping others. It’s about a shape shifting red creature and a little girl who helps others.


So, hopefully these channels will help keep your child entertained and help with their learning process. Don’t be afraid to find others, their are many good channels out there. Enjoy.

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Family Quality Time

6 Activities For Family Time With Kids

Children need family quality time with their parents for just a few without any distractions. At times as parents, we draw a blank on what we can do with them to spend time. We run out of ideas or can not come up with things we can do. So here are 6 activities for family time with kids.

The 6 Activities

1. Matching Card Game

This is simple and fun. It doesn’t take much to do. Just buy a deck of cards that have animals, cars, dinosaurs, or any fun pictures. Shuffle the deck and lay them all out on the floor face down. Next just have them flip over two cards to see if they match, take turns. Its fun its easy and they can learn what the pictures are by you asking what is this a picture of.

2. Coloring

Most little ones love to color and draw. It is a great way to let creativity to come out. Give them coloring sheets or blank pages to just scribble and doodle all over. You can even go online, find a website for coloring pages and print them off for fee. My little one loves the dinosaur pages and Mario pages to color. Let them pick out what characters they want. Sit at the table, chat with them, and enjoy coloring. Here are two of those coloring page sites:

Or just type in your browser free coloring pages for kids.

3. Baking or Cooking

It is a great way to bond with your children and teach some life skills. Find some kid friendly recipes and make them. Chat with them as you both cook. Here is a website you can use to get ideas and get started.

4. Game Night

You can play simple games with them that don’t require any equipment. Like Museum Statues which is easy, simple, and funny. Michael (my 4 year old) loves this game, granted a lot of giggling is happening. Try it everyone will have a blast. Here is a website for more game ideas like Museum Statues.

5. Movie night

Pick a night and let them pick a movie for the family to watch. It is a great simple way for the family to spend time together. No phones, no distractions. Just focus on being with the family. Be in the moment with them. They will enjoy and remember that you took time to be with them.

6. Going Outside to Park or Walk

Fresh air and sun always brighten up the day. Easy I know and free. Great way to have family quality time, Ask your little ones what they see, like colors, plants, bugs, animals, anything really. It will let them appreciate nature and they won’t go stir crazy.


There are many more things that you can do with the kiddos and family. Just look things up or ask friends and family who have kids if they have any suggestions. Or make up your own crafts or activities. Just set time aside to be with them. No interruptions. They just want your undivided attention just for a few. Remember at such a young age the 5 love languages are quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Cuddle with them, chat with them, just be with them. Make memories and enjoy them. You can start with these 6 activities for family quality time with kids.

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Finding A Way To Calm My Kid

Children have their bad days and their good days, as well as their extreme dramatic moments. The littlest things can set them off and they do not know how to regulate their emotions. As parents we try to do our best to help them. But, there is no guide to tell us how to be a good parent. We learn as we go. And wonder how do I calm my kid.

With that being said I will share just a few things that I tried that worked for me.

I struggle as a mom. I have short patience, a short temper, and easily emotional. So losing my cool is very easy when it comes to disciplining and communicating with my son. Again that may be true for many moms. My son is also extremely impatient, short tempered, and emotional just like me. So when he gets into a mood where he is upset because I don’t understand him or his feelings are hurt he will go through a major hysterical tantrum. Here are two things that I do with him to get him to calm down and feel like he is being heard.

Ways to Calm My Kid to Try

  1. Take a drink of water.
  2. Take a few deep breaths in and out with mommy
  3. Give them a hug.
  4. Hold them and rock them.
  5. Remove them from whatever stimulation that has them upset to a calm, quiet area.
  6. Have them sit next to your or on the lap and have a small talk.
  • Ask them to tell how they are feeling.
  • Why or what caused him to feel that way?
  • Figure out together how to fix the problem.
  • Have them tell you what they want to eat.
  • Let them pick out activities they want to do.

Now this works for me but maybe not for you. But give it a try. Letting your child know that you are willing to sit with them and hear about their feelings lets them know that you care about them. It’s small and simple but it made an impact in my household. It also teaches them how to calm their selves and communicate. I hope this little short article about how to calm my kid helps someone else. Thank you again for reading. If you like this article please check out my post Family Quality Time.